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Winter Workshop

We inaugurated the first of our Winter Workshops in 2011, which was open to the broader public and featured some of breeding and racing's top professionals as speakers.

The Winter Workshop is a coming together of great minds, not only in the breeding and racing fraternity, but also speakers on topics beyond the racing industry, given that racing exists in the real world. We have exceptional speakers on subjects such as business, the world economy, as well as great leaders of industry.

Annually, we have guest speakers flying in from the four corners of the globe, and the event is always a marvellous success. It takes place over the weekend of Africa's greatest horserace, the Vodacom Durban July, and opens the day after our Stallion Day, which is attended yearly by representatives of numerous different nations. While there are great stallion days in other countries around the world, this one takes some beating, and it's followed by two days of lectures by the best.

The Winter Workshop runs over a two day period, with approximately 6 lectures a day. Prices are inclusive of tea breaks and a wonderful lunch provided by Hartford House's exceptional Kitchen. This is one not to be missed and booking are essential. For more information, click on the icon below.

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