TBA Sales Complex
Sunday 4th November 2018

Lot 2 CLIFTON COUGAR Filly Capetown Noir Radiant Lass R100,000 View
Lot 3 RAZY WAYZ Colt Visionaire Razy Wells R15,000 View
Lot 4 ROYAL REWARD Colt Visionaire Reap The Rewards R80,000 View
Lot 6 NUMERICAL Colt Capetown Noir Roman Dream R110,000 View
Lot 7 JINGER JACK Colt Capetown Noir Royal Purse R425,000 View
Lot 8 INITIATOR Filly Visionaire Shiyabekhala R100,000 View
Lot 12 HIGHFALUTIN Filly Capetown Noir Snooty Lady R40,000 View
Lot 13 GAIAN GLORY Filly Visionaire Sophie's Choice R260,000 View
Lot 15 ROYAL REMEDY Filly Visionaire Sthukuthezi R180,000 View
Lot 16 ONEMORETIME Colt Capetown Noir Summersault R100,000 View
Lot 17 STUTGART Colt Silvano Surabi R230,000 View
Lot 19 RIDING THE CREST Colt Visionaire Surfers Eye R160,000 View
Lot 22 FINAL TRIBUTE Filly Visionaire Tribute R15,000 View
Lot 24 SUNNY SIDE UP Colt Visionaire Walking On Air R90,000 View
Lot 27 BOHICA Colt Capetown Noir Wysiwyg R300,000 View
Lot 30 STAR OVER CAPETOWN Colt Visionaire Alkhansaa R140,000 View
Lot 34 PICATRIX Filly PICATRIX Arabian Magic R100,000 View
Lot 37 HILTON MIST Colt Linngari Autumn Mist R160,000 View
Lot 38 SPIRITOFTHEGROOVE Filly Visionaire Band Of Angels R240,000 View
Lot 39 CRIMSON GOD Colt Brave Tin Soldier Beauty Queen R110,00 View
Lot 40 16BELLA ANNA Filly Brave Tin Soldier Bella Anna R20,000 View
Lot 41 BLONDE BABE Filly Visionaire Blonde Princess R70,000 View
Lot 43 THANDEKHILE Filly Visionaire Bridal Paths R260,000 View
Lot 44 CAPE PARADE Colt Visionaire Cape Pride R220,000 View
Lot 47 LUMINANCE Colt Visionaire Chekeche R20,000 View
Lot 48 CAPE DOCTOR Colt Capetown Noir Chenook R200,000 View
Lot 49 MR COOL Colt Visionaire Citidancer R40,000 View
Lot 53 ELYSIAN Colt Visionaire Country Hideaway R40,000 View
Lot 54 CHECK ME CHECK YOU Colt Visionaire Cwebe Cwebe R140,000 View
Lot 55 CHEZ NTEMBA Filly Capetown Noir Dancer's Delight R80,000 View
Lot 57 BRAVE DEA Colt Brave Tin Soldier Dea Dia R50,000 View
Lot 58 FOLLOW MY PATH Colt Eightfold Path Delightfull Diva R100,000 View
Lot 60 ENJOY THE VIEW Colt Capetown Noir Dream Model R300,000 View
Lot 64 EUREKA MOMENT Filly Visionaire Ezzah R80,000 View
Lot 66 BRIGHT MAGIC Filly Visionaire Fairy Lantern R240,000 View
Lot 69 FENDA FENDA Colt Visionaire Fender Bender R140,000 View
Lot 71 ONE-OH-WONDER Filly Linngari Fuselage R40,000 View
Lot 72 GO DADDY Colt Capetown Noir Gamalakhe R90,000 View
Lot 73 ENNOBLE Colt Capetown Noir Grail Maiden R500,000 View
Lot 75 ARTSCAPE Filly Capetown Noir Guest Gallery N/A View
Lot 76 HIGHTAIL Filly Vercingetorix Heart Warming R25,000 View
Lot 77 AD ALTISIMA Colt Visionaire Hezekiah R260,000 View
Lot 81 SEE MY VISION Filly Visionaire Ikimasu R150,000 View
Lot 83 ROUSLING Colt Capetown Noir Inspiring R50,000 View
Lot 84 BELLE VIEW Filly Visionaire Ithala R20,000 View
Lot 85 HURRICANE HARRY Colt Trippi Jordie R2,300,000 View
Lot 86 HOPSKIPANDJUMP Filly Visionaire Jumpstart R240,000 View
Lot 88 JUST KIDDING Filly Visionaire Kosava R160,000 View
Lot 89 MELLOW MUSIC Filly Brave Tin Soldier L'orange R60,000 View
Lot 91 THE SANDWICH MAN Colt Duke Of Marmalade Lisa Anne R1,000,000 View
Lot 92 MAGARI Colt Linngari Magic Potion R30,000 View
Lot 93 16MANDURA Colt Visionaire Mandura R120,000 View
Lot 95 EARTH SHAKER Colt Capetown Noir Maritime Mist R180,000 View
Lot 96 BLUSHING BRIDE Filly Linngari Marry Me Mullins R100,000 View
Lot 97 KILKENNY Colt Linngari Mataaib R220,000 View
Lot 99 VISION OF LOVE Colt Visionaire Modern Love R45,000 View
Lot 102 TANGO TIME Filly Visionaire Movingandgrooving R300,000 View
Lot 103 STARRY MESSENGER Filly Visionaire Mumtazah N/A View
Lot 104 NEVADA ROSE Filly Visionaire Nevada Sunrise N/A View
Lot 105 RED IVORY Colt Visionaire Nkandla R25,000 View
Lot 106 AFRICADIA Colt Visionaire Ntibane R300,000 View
Lot 109 PENANG Colt Querari Party Favour R60,000 View