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Ready To Run Gallops

“P” for Prosperity


“P” for Prosperity

Things are hotting up for the CTS Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale, and from the traffic to our website, it’s clear that public interest in what’s “cooking” on the farm, is as brisk as ever.


The Judges Have Spoken


The Judges Have Spoken

've attended Ready To Run sales all over the world, and remembering the remoteness of yesterday's location and the logistics involved in achieving this, I have never seen a more beautifully appointed venue anywhere


The Inside Track


The Inside Track

There's an old saying at Summerhill, that the big plus with the Ready To Run is "you get what you see, not what you think you see."


The Verdict Is Out: "AS CHARGED"


The Verdict Is Out: "AS CHARGED"

On a day attended by the former Premier of KZN and the current Treasurer-General of the ruling party, Dr. Zweli Mkhize, as well as a good spread of the nation’s biggest-hitters, the whole gathering enthusiastically, and at times vociferously, voted to put their fancies on the board.


If you want a ticket, you know where to get it


If you want a ticket, you know where to get it

It's Gallops Day today, and there’s a reason so many of the country’s biggest-hitters are mooching around the stable yards here at Summerhill. The biggest owners in Gauteng, the Western Cape and KZN are all part of a racing brigade that’s flown, bussed or driven into the Mooi River precinct for this morning’s fireworks.


The Richest 85 Seconds In Sport


The Richest 85 Seconds In Sport

When David Mollett commented in his Business Day column a few weeks back, that we'd made a few waves in our time and that our announcement of a R3.85milliion prize for the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup in 2014, eclipsing all previous African records, was in the nature of a tsunami, we took it as a compliment.




Igugu at the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops
Igugu at the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops

John Motaung aboard Igugu - 2009 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops at Summerhill Stud

(Photo : Summerhill Stud)


Summerhill Stud, Mooi River

Friday 19th October 2012

We penned a piece yesterday on those magnificent men and their flying machines”, and we were talking about our judges panel for next week’s Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops (at Summerhill on Friday 19th October 11am). Summerhill’s inauguration of the Ready To Run was initiated by the belief that it’s difficult enough to pick a horse on the way he looks and the way he walks on a conventional sale, but because this game is about running rather than walking, there’s an obvious advantage for the would-be investor if he can see his choices in their quicker paces.

That the sale has been an unqualified success is beyond debate, as it has consistently thrown up a greater proportion of Stakes winners and Stakes performers, pound-for-pound, than any other sale on this continent, perhaps the world. There are not too many exceptions to the rule that those who’ve found the best prospects, have been influenced by the way the horses galloped.

That’s how Gary Alexander found Pierre Jourdan, it’s the way Paul Matchett unravelled Mannequin. Ronnie Napier and Michael Fleischer discovered Imbongi through trust and a lifetime of observation; Peter Fabricius leant on integrity when he bought Hear The Drums. Sean Tarry drew on his street smartness with Extra Zero, and Tyrone Zackey on his gut-feel for Smanjemanje. Tony Moodley followed his heart for Checcetti.

Obviously, the opinions of any panel comprising Mike de Kock, Sean Tarry, Jehan Malherbe, Joey Ramsden, Michael Roberts, Craig Peters, Dean Kannemeyer and Graeme Hawkins are going to be invaluable to anyone needing either assistance or reassurance in what they’re looking to buy, yet there are many stories of great horses being bought on the advice of those that are closest to them, our jockeys and grooms.

In many respects, like any other luxury goods business, the customer’s loyalty is built around good faith and the element of trust that flows from a relationship, and it’s in our best interests that whatever we share with a customer is on that basis. Some years ago, Bill Strydom enjoyed the confidence of one of our grooms, who urged him to buy a horse called Fanyana. At R95,000 in the ring, you might say the horse cost a little more than we anticipated (it might not sound like a lot of money now, but in those days it was a tidy sum). That was on the Sunday of the sale; two Thursdays later, Fanyana lined up at the Vaal and skated home by 3.5 lengths on the bit. He went on to win 11 races including three Group One performances under the expert tutelage of the late Buddy Maroun. He was game, he was durable (you had to be, if you were going to survive in Buddy’s yard) and he was fast, and he sparked the beginning of a regular stream of customers who sought the counsel of John Motaung, one of our top jockeys and graduate of our American scholarship programme at Becky Thomas’ incomparable Sequel Stallions Farm.

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2012 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale

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Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops
Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops

Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops

(Photo : Gareth du Plessis)


TBA Sales Complex, Germiston

2nd and 4th November 2012

There are a number of things that make the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale unique, locally and abroad. Firstly, its associated race, the R2.5 million Ready To Run Cup boasts the richest prize money of any race of its kind in the world. When it was initiated 25 years ago, it was the first Ready To Run Sale in the Southern Hemisphere, and its technological inspirations, which include the flighting of its gallops on DVD’s, websites and public television, were pioneering innovations, flattered in recent times by their imitation in various other parts of the world.

Five years ago, the organisers did the unthinkable: the introduction of a panel of judges, themselves prospective customers of the sale, whose function it has become to identify the best prospects at the gallops, as well as those most likely to make the cut for the next year’s renewal of the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup. In the process, they assembled some of the nation’s most accomplished horsemen, instantly recognisable for their knowledge, experience and success in the game. Any panel which attracts the attendance of Mike de Kock, Graeme Hawkins, Dean Kannemeyer, Jehan Malherbe, Craig Peters, Joey Ramsden, Michael Roberts, and Sean Tarry is going to make you sit up and pay attention, given that they’re not only among the most famous names in our sport, but that their collective experience exceeds 200 years. And just to add an international flavour to it all, Bloodstock South Africa have secured the presence in each of the last four years of an international celebrity, covering both sides of the Atlantic, England, Ireland and the United States, and this year, they’ve cast their net as far as Japan, in the form of Dr. Yusuke Tsukahara. Yusuke is a representative of the world-renowned Northern Farm, many times the Champion Breeder in Japan and affiliated through the Yoshida family with the greatest breeding entity in that country’s history, Shadai. He obviously has a personal interest in the gallops in the first crop of Sunday Silence’s outstanding performer Admire Main, in which Northern Farm holds a residual interest, and which will be making their debut at this year’s gallops, along with the first of Summerhill’sA.P. Arrows.

Searching for an insight into these panellists and the work they perform at the gallops, we found some pen pictures on the Summerhill website, and their interpretations of what these fellows bring to the party.

Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops

Summerhill Stud, Mooi River

Friday 19th October 2012


Mike de Kock
Mike de Kock

Mike de Kock

Mike de Kock: He’s the man everyone wants to know. He’s become the idol of a social set to which he never belonged, and to which, you suspect, he never wanted to belong. De Kock knows the rich and famous, he has himself become rich and famous. Yet fame has not changed him, not outwardly anyway. He doesn’t conform. He can’t; he isn’t like anyone else.


Joey Ramsden
Joey Ramsden

Joey Ramsden

Joey Ramsden: Has a pedigree as deep as the game itself. On his way to the mountaintop. Takes a few scalps en route. His CV includes “Picked Igugu”. His obituary will say the same.


Dean Kannemeyer
Dean Kannemeyer

Dean Kannemeyer

Dean Kannemeyer: Horses from his toes to the top of his head. Nothing left to prove. One of the best. Dean’s charges do the talking for him. They speak well.


Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts: Taught the British how to ride. A legend long before his time, from Japan to the United States.


Graeme Hawkins
Graeme Hawkins

Graeme Hawkins

Graeme Hawkins: Simply put, ‘Mr Racing’. Commentator, auctioneer and administrator, he sees them coming, while others search for clues.


Jehan Malherbe
Jehan Malherbe

Jehan Malherbe

Jehan Malherbe: Serves some of the biggest names in racing. When he wants to, he can say absolutely nothing with a stare that would guarantee him high political office if he ever tired of his commentary rituals at Kenilworth.


Sean Tarry
Sean Tarry

Sean Tarry

Sean Tarry: National Colour, Mythical Flight, Successful Bidder and Pomodoro to name a few. A meteoric rise through the ranks, this rocket’s got momentum, and it ain’t stoppin’ here. The powder’s dry, and the bullets are blasting.


Graig Peters
Graig Peters

Craig Peters

Craig Peters: Master of his profession, and a walking encylopedia on the game. His binoculars bring a special dimension to the gallops.

Interestingly, at least one of these gentlemen has tipped the winner of every renewal bar last year’s Red Barrel, who galloped at Turffontein, and escaped their attention. In the end though, he didn’t slip past Mike de Kock, who “clocked” him at his gallop on the box, and secured him for Ingrid and Markus Jooste at the sale for R350,000.

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2012 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale

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Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster wins by 4.25 lengths for Roy Magner

(Photo : JC Photographics)


The Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops.

Friday, 19th October at Summerhill.

1st Cookie Monster by 4.25 lengths for Roy Magner

1st Showmetheway has won three in a row for Mark Dixon

1st Ikati for Kom Naidoo

1st Dodge City for Patrick Lunn

1st Western Star for Des McLachlan

1st Tealion for Hekkie Strydom

1st Mandla for Kirk Swanson

The Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale

is doing it again…

and again.

summerhill stud, south africa
summerhill stud, south africa

Enquiries :

Tarryn Liebenberg 27 (0) 83 787 1982

or email




King Letsie III
King Letsie III

His Majesty King Letsie III

(Photo : Business Insider)


Most of our readers are aware of the ruling monarch of Lesotho, His Majesty King Letsie III and his love of horses. He has travelled the world following his passion, and will be the Honour Guest at the forthcoming Ready To Run Gallops at Summerhill (19th October) and at the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale (Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th November). But few, and in particular our international readers, are aware of the Royal Family’s deep history with horses. The Basutho people occupy the Mountain Kingdom to the West of us, and the founder of the nation as we know it today, was King Moshoeshoe I, who united his people into a single polity as long ago as 1822.

The nation was forged through the diplomacy and sheer weight of personality of the King from a number of tribes which had been displaced as a result of the largely disruptive wars known as the Mfecane, associated with the reign of King Shaka and the Zulus.

Us “Zulus” might be surprised to learn this, but in his magnum opus “A History of South Africa”, Frank Welsh described King Moshoeshoe as the most influential African leader of his era, and that’s saying something knowing that he lived in the time of King Shaka. Welsh specifically draws parallels between the two, so there’s no doubting the extravagance of the statement, yet the argument gains traction when we recall that the Basutho leader was not only a statesman and an influence for unity, but he was also a supreme militarist whose C.V. in that sphere included the annihilation of the Boer forces at Winberg. His triumphs extended to the British as well, in one case, following an attempt by Major Warden to solve by force the determination of the boundaries of his realm. The battle took place at Viervoet in July 1851, and ended in considerable losses (more than 150 killed) for Warden’s force. In December of the following year, Sir George Cathcart, who had fought against Napoleon’s armies in 1812/1813, now with a considerably superior force, was again completely defeated by Mosheoshoe, losing among other casualties, 27 of his British lancers. The Basutho light cavalry, which Sir George compared to the Cossacks he had served with, were a formidable enemy, showing more tactical prowess than Sir George. The undefeated Moshoeshoe, as skilled in diplomacy as in war, immediately offered to make peace. “You have chastised, and let it be enough: and let me no longer be considered to be an enemy of the Queen”, an offer which was gratefully accepted by the British. Without further interference, Moshoeshoe was then able to dispose of his old antagonists Sekonyele and Taaichbos, making himself the undisputed master of what is now Lesotho, independent of both Boers and British, as well as the local tribespeople around him.

Like the best breeders of the modern racehorse, King Moshoeshoe knew the value of good genes, and his people were demonstrably good with horses, as evidenced by the demolition job his light cavalry did on Cathcart’s forces. Under the King’s encouragement, the Basutho proceeded to develop a nuggety breed of their own horse, commonly known today as the Basutho pony; small, rugged, brave and wonderfully nimble, as it had to be in negotiating the mountain paths of its homeland. To this day, the Basutho people are the only indigenous African nation with their own breed of horse, though the Afrikaners also developed a fine stock animal in the Boerperd, the blood of which, when mixed with Arabs, has produced some of the finest endurance horses in the world.

Beyond their application as transport and war horses, the Basutho ponies played a pivotal role in the evolution of the South African polo horse, and many a famous polo-playing family, people such as the Yeats’, the Frasers, the Poultneys, and the legendary Watsons, forged their reputations on the back of these doughty little fellows. All of these families produced players of provincial class, with several of them aspiring to national honours. The Watsons in particular, have achieved the sort of heights you only hear about in places like Argentina, with no fewer than seven of them making the Springbok team. The original “bull” was Jock Watson, followed by his sons Jim, Kit, Derrick and Russell, while the present South African squad includes two more Watsons in Lance and Duncan. Jim and Russell have earned world renown as the most capped and the most accomplished players in our history, and they still persist in cross-breeding Basutho ponies with thoroughbreds as the sturdiest and most reliable of their mounts, or so it was when we last checked on them.




mike de kock and charl pretorius
mike de kock and charl pretorius

Mike de Kock and Charl Pretorius

(Photo : Summerhill Stud)


The Ready To Run gallops are always characterized by some noticeable performances, and it was again the case on Friday. It takes something exceptional though, to attract the attention of men of the ilk of our judging panel, given that each and every one of them has something like three decades at the top of their game. So when a man like Mike de Kock stands up and specifically singles out the Solskjaers and the Way Wests for their performances as a group, you must know they did something to catch his attention. He wasn’t alone though. There was a nod of fairly broad approval from other members of the panel when he said it, so this was no fleeting impression.

Another man with a lifetime in the game, one who earned his “Gradua Literatum Honorary Cum Laudae” on Thursday evening for his contribution to racing journalism, Charl Pretorius, was equally impressed. While his preferences were not recorded officially, for decades he’s been counted among the nation’s leading tipsters, and unlike most of us, he makes a living from his ability to pick a good one.

Top 6 Colts and Fillies















Dates to remember :

Saturday 6 November 2010 - Raceday

Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup

Sunday 7 November 2010 - Auction Sale

Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale

emperors palace ready to run 2010
emperors palace ready to run 2010

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graeme hawkins
graeme hawkins

Graeme Hawkins aka Mr Racing

(Photo : Gareth Du Plessis)


Some people are liberty takers. Yet some are entitled to be. A man who received his “honours degree” at the Al Maktoum School Of Excellence on Thursday evening, and whose almost thirty years of excellence in racing have earned him the title of Mr Racing”, Graeme Hawkins ranks among the most successful of our Ready To Run judges. That distinction alone allows him as many “picks” as he chooses.

His outright selection for the first Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup, was the “hero”, Umngazi, and let it be said his vote was the only one cast in this fellow’s direction. Despite our urgings that the family had failed us, Graeme stuck to his guns, and Umngazi came home smoking. He was in the money again the following year, and while he was just an “also-ran” with all the other panellists when it came to Pierre Jourdan in 2009, he had both the runner-up and the third placed horses on his list.

For this year’s event, he picked his usual quota of six, four of which have run, and all of which have won at the first time of asking. All four are “ranked” with a run for the R1,5million event on the 6th November.

In an attempt to preserve his credibility, he went a bit wider this year, because, as he announced on Friday, he thought the offering was a little deeper, and he had a dilemma in arriving at the best three in each of the colts and fillies categories. We thought it worth providing our readers with his other choices, given his history as a “picker”.










132 (GREYS IN)






Dates to remember :

Saturday 6 November 2010 - Raceday

Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup

Sunday 7 November 2010 - Auction Sale

Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale

emperors palace ready to run 2010
emperors palace ready to run 2010

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summerhill ready to run gallops
summerhill ready to run gallops

Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops at Summerhill Stud

(Photo : Gareth Du Plessis)




Lot 56

Ole Ole (f)

Solskjaer ex Dream Maker

Fluent-actioned individual from a famous international family boasting an English Derby winner, among several luminaries. Worth noting, the granddam is the only mare in South Africa by the greatest American broodmare sire of all-time, Mr.Prospector. Won’t let the side down.

Lot 71

Onemorenomore (f)

Kahal ex Fovesta

Very late foal out of a Stakes-wining Foveros mare. Sister to a Gold Circle Oaks winner who took her place in the nation’s greatest horserace, the Vodacom July, and to a divisional Champion in Silver Arrow.

Lot 37

Cahira (f)

Solskjaer ex Careless Mirth

There is already an Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup winner (Smangaliso) in this family, and this filly is a sister to a respectable stakes performer in Be Careful. Good actioned sort, she works enthusiastically.

Lot 47

O’Malley (f)

Way West ex County Mayo

Way West is on a roll at the moment, and leads all first crop sires in the country by three year old earnings. He’s had seven winners in the fortnight preceding this, and this filly is a typical, sturdy Way West sort. We need to remind ourselves that the Highveld Juvenile Champion of last season was a daughter of Way West and a graduate of this sale last year. Family of Royal Vintage, a Group winner in both South Africa and Dubai.

Lot 102

Oslo Ballet (f)

Solskjaer ex London Ballet

Fluent-actioned, elegant filly from a family made famous by Mike de Kock through the likes champions Record Edge, Warning Zone and Misty Peak.

Lot 145

West Fever (f)

Way West ex Scarlet Fever

The great thing about the Ready To Run, is that you can trust your own judgement. Last year the Way Wests mesmerized us with their gallops, and now they’re rewarding those who put their faith in them. This filly is a typical Way West, with a nice low action, from the immediate family of Horse Of The Year, Model Man, Model Contest and Out Of Style.


Lot 86

Mabelela (f)

Malhub ex Hlabelela

Another attraction of the Ready To Run, is that you don’t have to have a flashy pedigree to be a champion or a Group One winner. The Summerhill honours boards are adorned with great horses that have passed this way by so-called “unfashionable” stallions. Malhub is the sire this season of four Black type performers in Danse To Destiny, Dance With Mikey, Ashjaan and Onehundredacrewood. This is a nice, sturdy filly out of a four-time winning mare and grand draughter of stakes winner, Lotti.

Lot 59

Proud Moment (f)

Kahal ex Elation

We all know that Kahal produced three Group One winning fillies last season, and this is a late foal (19.10.2008) and an own sister to Dean Kannemeyer’s promising Kalation, who showed signs of being a good horse on his second start at Durbanville last week. A fluent striding individual, who will get better each time she gets to the track.

Lot 92

Dance Hall Girl (f)

Way West ex Jordie

If you’re looking to find out what it is that’s set Way West alight, look at the action of his progeny. A strongly built individual with a lovely way of going, she comes from the family of GunDrift, Argyle Arms, Blue Yonder and Charles Laird’s well rated colt, Blue Voyager.

Lot 161

Set To Strike (f)

Kahal ex Striking Feature

Strongly made, typical Kahal filly, she comes from one of the best families in the international stud book. The Niarchos’ dynasty of champion racehorses, Hernando, and multiple Group One winner, Johann Quatz. Never underestimate the Kahal’s : this filly could surprise.

Lot 98

Light Blue (f)

Captain Al ex Larny Lady

Captain Al needs no introduction, and this is a typically powerful individual from the famous Summerhill family of Angus (J&B Met winner) and Golden Slipper winner Dignify. She gallops with alacrity, and covers the ground.

Lot 42

Saucy Savannah (f)

Kahal ex Choice Fields

If you were looking for a “stallion strike” in any family, this must be it. A very late foal (7th December) and a sister to multi-millionaire and Gomma Gomma Challenge hero, (Gr.1), Pick Six from the immediate family of the unbeaten Champion Juvenile of her Year, Bridal Paths.


Lot 29

Countess Bacardi (f)

Count Dubois ex Bacardi Breeze

A typical Count Dubois, she’s muscular, well built and gallops with purpose. Great Highlands family of Fillies Guineas winner, Have A Ball, S.A Guineas hero, Ton Up, leading stallion Lords and Champion Three Year Old colt and Champion sire, Bush Telegraph.

Lot 9

Itchie Oow (f)

Cataloochee ex Tzarina

Cataloochee is already the sire of a Group-winning juvenile filly as well as another Group-performing juvenile colt in his firs crop. This is a typical strong, fluent-actioned individual whose gallop will guarantee her a good share of admirers.

Lot 103

Stella Mac (f)

Way West ex London Fair

Smart galloping sort by the new hot property, Way West, from a “Jaffee” branch of Argentinean champion Alginib, and Group One winners Nortek and Al Centauro.

Lot 110

Injaazaat (f)

Muhtafal ex Mentalite

Jean Luc Lagardere is the most famous French breeder of the modern era, and he is responsible for developing this family to its current level of pre-eminence. This is a smart daughter, by one of South Africa’s leading sires, Muhtafal, with a pedigree to go to war with. Her full sister Azwa was in the money second start Thursday.

Lot 32

Samurai Blue (f)

Solskjaer ex Blue

Own sister to the highly regarded colt Uhlaza, this filly promises more than Uhlaza at the same stage last year. The dam has 100% winners to runners, and is a daughter of the record-breaking Champion broodmare sire, Northern Guest. Displays the action typical of the Danehill tribe. Looking for value? Here it is.

Lot 119

St Louis Blues (f)

Muhtafal ex Nkonkoni

Muhtafal is already the sire of several Group One-winning fillies, the most recent of which is Ready To Run graduate, Outcome. This filly has the scope and the talent to match her illustrious predecessor, and she’ll show us that again today. She’s a sister to the R1,5 million Emperors Place Ready To Run Cup aspirant, Nobukhosi (a daughter of Way West, who was a fluent winner of her second start a fortnight ago).


Lot 112

Ihlozi (f) (Cheetah in Zulu)

Cataloochee ex Miniski

Her five-time winning dam has already produced a remarkable nine winners, but it took until this one to produce her best specimen. Like most of the Cataloochees, she has a lovely big stride on her, and carries herself it nice and low to the ground.

Lot 157

The Special One (f)

Solskjaer ex Spring Meeting

A family which made Ricky Maingard famous when Dambuster won the Gilbey’s Stakes (Gr.1) twice, this is a smart, strongly built filly from a well performed daughter of top broodmare sire, National Assembly, not named the “Special One“ for nothing.

Lot 10

Pearl Hart (f)

Way West ex Urban Lady

The name Horse Chestnut is enough to stir the embers in anyone’s imagination, and this filly gallops like she knows it. Her half-brother, The Undefeated, was a first-time winning graduate of last year’s Ready To Run draft.

Lot 99

Heather (f)

Solskjaer ex Legendary Lass.

You never know when a Northern Guest mare is going to throw another champion, and the cross of Danehill on Northern Dancer mares is legendary. This is a burly, fluent moving individual, with a nice, low raking action, who turns it on when she wants to.

Lot 83

Extra Zero (f)

Way West ex Haifaa

There’s little for Way West to prove after the events of the past few weeks, and this filly, reminiscent of the Highveld Juvenile Champion, Waywest Goddess, is as decent as we have in the draft. Besides that, she packs a stash of pedigree, boasting Champion European racehorses Maroof and Desert King, the latter the sire of one of Australia’s most famous gallopers, Makybe Diva.

Lot 11

Cerise Silk (f)

Solskjaer ex Vanilla Silk

If Northern Guest has a challenger for the title of Champion Broodmare sire, it will most likely come from Al Mufti. This filly advertises this admirably. She’s a good individual, and she floats at the gallop. A famous Highland and Birch Brothers family, which includes Sea Cottage, Naval Escort, Senor Santa and Majestic Crown.


Lot 131

Bonny Blue (f)

Hinton Wells ex Rainbow Lady

The Sadler’s Wells tribe are renowned for their big raking actions, and this filly has the blueprint. The mare has had one winner from one runner to date, and this is a well-grown, robust individual from a top Highlands family.

Lot 108

Speed Dial (f)

Cataloochee ex Maroof’s Grace

Sister to Gary Alexander’s classy galloper, Superfederation, this is the mare’s best individual on type to date. She’s a strong, well-grown filly, with a lovely big stride on her and plenty of toe. Descended from one of Sir Patrick Hogan’s best families from the legendary Cambridge Stud in New Zealand.

Lot 3

08 The Walk (f)

Miesque’s Approval ex The Walk

First foal of a Breeders Cup Champion out of a Group Two and Three placed filly, from a famous Highlands family. A late maturing sort, she improves with every gallop, and she come with, a nice, easy action.

Lot 130

Fancy Footwork (f)

Solskjaer ex Radiant Lass

Another representative of the famous Danehill/Northern Dancer cross which has produced the likes of Rock Of Gibraltar and Horatio Nelson, this is a sister to previous Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup runner, Smanyo. She’s a nice easy moving filly from a family made famous by the Cohen’s Odessa Stud and the late, great Allan Robertson’s Vlakfontein Stud.

Lot 81

She’s Got Gears (f)

Cataloochee ex Gypsey Spirit

If you’re looking for a family with “currency”, here it is. Cataloochee already has a group-winning daughter and a Group-performing son from his first crop, (he was the leading first season sire with his first crop at the races last season). This filly is a sister to last year’s Gauteng Guineas heroine and Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup runner-up, Fisani as well as millionaire Catmandu and ten-time winner, Ecole Militaire. Famous international family of English Derby winner, Sir Percy, English Derby winner Teenso, and Irish Oaks ace, Give Thanks.

Lot 159

Moet Magic (f)

Muhtafal ex Starry Eyed

Muhtafal is already renowned for his top fillies, Outcome, Tuscan Elegance, Veiled Essence, Hot Reception etc, and this filly is showing us the sort of work that suggests she could join this illustrious band. She’s improved with every effort at the track, and gallops resolutely and fluently. International family of Breeders Cup juvenile Fillies heroine, Meadow Star, Wall Street Dancer and Diane Stenger’s speed machine, Paradise Alley.


Lot 5

Umcebo (f)

Cataloochee ex Treasure

Sister to tough-as-teak Off The Hook by leading first crop sire, Cataloochee. Strongly made, big striding filly from the internationally celebrated family of Artfully, Written Approval, Rizzi and Embroil.

Lot 148 (f)

For Your Eyes Only

Way West ex Secret Emblem

Daughter of the young sire sensation, Way West, out of a daughter of Broodmare of the Year, Secret Key. First foal of a sister to ARCSA Champion, Special Key and Secret To Success from a family jam-packed with stars, Thunder Key, Narc and Captain’s Secret. If they’re by Way West, you can take poison they can run, and this filly belongs in this realm.

Lot 23

Maggie Valley (f)

Cataloochee ex Amusing

Sister to Smangaliso, heroine of the R1 million Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup and the Sycamore Sprint (Gr.3), from the international family of Central City, Rochester, Fallow etc. Arguably this mare’s best foal to date, she has a big, reaching stride that suggests she could be Smangaliso’s legitimate heiress.

Lot 114

Woman United (f)

Solskjaer ex Model K

Update here. Dizzy Rascal was placed second on her last start, and Mannequin was a big winner under 60kgs of the Banyana Handicap (Listed) at the Emerald Cup meeting a fortnight ago. She has now earned close to R500,000 and was forth in last year’s the Ready To Run Cup. This mare has yet to let us down, and this filly is unlikely to either. She’s bred on the famous Danehill/Northern Dancer cross, and like all of Model K’s foals to date, she packs a handsome punch.

Lot 62

Quantum Leap (f)

Cataloochee ex Endless Sky

Never underestimate a Northern Guest mare. He’s just taken his 9th consecutive Broodmare sires title, a world record-equalling achievement, alongside Mr. Prospector. A celebrated Summerhill family, this is a big strong filly with a lovely raking stride and plenty of substance.

Lot 79

Gottabeseen (f)

Kahal ex Great Attraction

There are a couple of Summerhill-bred millionaires in the immediate family in Champion Three Year Old Filly, Icy Air, and Champion Stayer, Amphitheatre, and we all know Kahal had three Group One winning fillies this past season. This is a big, scopey, well-grown individual with plenty of substance and much of the family about her. Given that Kahal already has a Gold Cup winner, this filly is likely to get a distance of ground, as Amphitheatre and Icy Air did.


Lot 31

Ilucci Loochee (f)

Cataloocheee ex Belluci

If you’re looking for “gap” in this sale, this is where you’ll find it. A strongly made well-grown filly by leading first crop sire, Cataloochee, she pretty much floats across the ground, and does so at high speed. A glance at the pedigree tells you she has reason to be high class.

Lot 60

Oregon Leap (f)

Way West ex Eli’s Grace

By man-of-the-moment Way West, out of a daughter of one of South Africa’s best broodmare sires, Elliodor. From a family jam-packed with Black type performers. A well-grown, quick daughter of one of Australia’s fastest juveniles of his generation, we expect this filly to come early, if what she is showing us right now is the evidence you’re looking for. She’ll have a legion of followers. The pedigree of a broodmare underpins her paddock value.

Lot 89

Second Edition (f)

Modern Day ex Imperial Power

If ever there’s a value-for-money hardworking sire in South Africa, it’s Modern Day, and this filly is a big, well-grown own sister to First Sovereign, placed three times from three starts to date. This is a bigger, stronger, more fluent moving individual than her sister, and she’ll please many people with the way she goes between now and the sale. Famous Broadlands family of State Treasure, Priceless Asset and Champion, Tara’s Touch.

Lot 155

Royal Prelude (f)

Solskjaer ex Skagway

Saumerez is already the broodmare sire of Champion English Three Year Old, Authorized, and must have a big future in that capacity in South Africa, if the fluency of this filly is anything to go by. She has a lovely big-striding, easy flowing action, reminiscent of her illustrious ancestor, Parisian Affair. With an action like that, you’d expect her to get better the further she goes, but she has enough “toe” to match it.

Lot 164

Top Talent (f)

Kahal ex Summer Style

Besides the fact that there’s some “family” in this female line, embracing the leading stallions Thatching and Golden Thatch, remember, Kahal has just completed a season with three Group One winning fillies. This is a typical daughter, with strength and raw potential. She’ll have her fans for the way she gallops.

Lot 6

Final Score

Solskajer ex Tribute

Sister to one of the best staying Three Year Old fillies of last season, Salutation, (and a very impressive winner of her last start, suggesting she could be a big factor this summer season in Joburg), this filly comes from one of Summerhill’s best families. She’s a late foal, but that doesn’t detract from a natural, salubrious action, suggesting she too, could be a decent staying sort. Her unraced sister, Celebration, is highly regarded.


Lot 94

The Very Berry (f)

Solskjaer ex Juniper Berry

Sister to Dual Guineas runner-up, Havasha and to Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup aspirant, Boysenberry, it seems this mare gets them to run by all sires. Fluent mover with a quick action, The Very Berry comes from the family of top sire, Count Dubois, and some of England’s most famous names of the past few seasons.

Lot 118

Downhill Girl (f)

Cataloochee ex New York Folly

Well grown, strongly made individual, she literally rakes the ground with a lovely fluent stride. Top Argentinean family from a National Assembly mare, this filly’s style will generate its own fans.

Lot 7

Taditah (f)

Solskjaer ex Tristams Frolic

Sister to Stakes-winning Alejate and highly regarded Tuquri. This is an elegant, smart moving individual from a mare carrying the blood of two of the world’s best broodmare sires, Northern Guest and Sir Tristam.

Lot 137

Dea Dia (f)

Kahal ex Roman Dream

Late foal, but a stylish smart mover, arguably one of the stars among the fillies. She’s a sister to Onehundredacrewood and a reputed star in Emperor Augustus (from Michael Azzie) from one of Highland’s Farms best families. Her sire has three Group One winning fillies this past season as well as a Fillies Guineas winner, Fisani and this filly will look like the Pied Piper in the fans she has on her way to the sale.

Lot 26

Princess Tayla (f)

Solskjaer ex Arabian Charm

Lovely, easy flowing filly by a 120 Timeform son of Danehill, from one of the best families in the stud book. An athletic filly, she has something to live up to, with Harry’s Charm and National Currency in her pedigree, but she has the class and elegance to take her place.

Lot 152

Equivalence (f)

Kahal ex Similetude

Daughter of one of the nation’s best stallions. Out of a Kenyan Classic winner, she comes from a family of high achievers in her female line’s native country. This is a good bodied, typical Kahal and she gallops like she knows it.


Lot 46

Outtatown (f)

Kahal ex Country Hideaway

Sister Mgede is now taking her place in Graded Stakes company for Geoff Woodruff. Take a look at the family here, and couple it with a quality good moving individual, and you have the ingredients for a good racehorse. It doesn’t hurt to have one of the nation’s leading three sires on top either.

Lot 93

Ikati (f)

Cataloochee ex Jumping Jaguar

A big strong, well-muscled individual with a lovely low raking action, the dam is a winning sister to a top filly, out of a Group One winning mare, the ingredients for a decent sort. We know that Tiger Ridge was officially leading first season sire in 2009/10, but he already has five year olds racing in America, so if we’re speaking of horses with their very first crops, then Cataloochee was the top sire in that category last season. A Group-winning daughter and a Stakes performing son. This filly will undoubtedly be popular on the strength of her gallop.

Lot 48

Lady Idina (f)

Solskjaer ex Cousin Linda

Sister to an Equus Champion and a Klawervlei sire in Rebel King, and a smart, athletic filly in her own right. From another of Highland’s leading families, this filly’s style at the gallop reminds us of the value of a top pedigree. An investment piece for any breeder.

Lot 13

Mantatise (f)

Rock Of Gibraltar ex Venus

There’s unlikely to be a better pedigree in this book, she’s a daughter of one of the world’s best racehorses of his time, Rock Of Gibraltar. It doesn’t stop there though, as he’s currently one of the world’s top stallions, so all this filly has to do is run. Like many of her sires stock, she’s a fairly late maturing individual with a low raking stride, and the potential to make into a decent racehorse.

Lot 149

Opera Singer (f)

Cataloochee ex Shirley Singer

Sister to R1,5 million Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup aspirant, Mhlaba, out of a sister to three top horses, from one of the best Rondesbosch families in history. A well-grown strongly made individual with a lovely big stride, and plenty of speed. If you’re looking for an early winner, this could be your bet, particularly as her sire has produced a Group-winning daughter and a Group placed son from his first crop.


Lot 61

08 Emerald Beauty (c)

Elusive Quality ex Emerald Beauty

A well-grown, strongly made colt bred on a succession of top quality international stallions, Elusive Quality, Peintre Celebre and Zeditave. A lovely, easy mover, he literally eats up the ground, and he’ll have them dancing in the aisles.

Lot 51

Diski Dance (c)

Solskjaer ex Dance On Silver.

There’s an important update here as the sister, Suntoucher is now a dual winner. Big, impressive colt with an equally attractive stride on him. He’s from a mare with a 100% winner record.

Lot 24

Banjo Bay

Muhtafal ex Anouk Aimee

The Muhtafal/Northern Guest cross has already produced celebrity runners Let’s Rock n Roll, Outcome, Side By Side, The Waltz, Alejate, Hot Reception and Battlestar Express, and there will be those at the gallops that will be convinced that this fellow could be next. A nice big striding individual, you wouldn’t want him to be the one that got away. Dubai watchers will remember that they perform at home and away, on the grass and on the sand.

Lot 76

Isando (c)

Muhtafal ex Gavalette

Look down in this pedigree, and you will find a couple of serious celebrities, not only in National Champion Imperial Dispatch, but in the international standout stallion, Footstepsinthesand. Then watch this colt gallop, as he’s a three-quarter brother to the Stakes-winning Nondweni, with the action to suggest he could be decent, too.

Lot 143

Don’t Be Silly (c)

Dansili ex Salila

By one of the hottest sires in the world right now (including Sire of the highest rated racehorse in the world Harbinger), it’s hard to imagine a horse of this pedigree galloping in Mooi River, at the southern most tip of the world’s darkest continent. His dam is by the best stallion Europe has ever known, she’s a three-time winner to a Stakes winning sister (by Sadler’s Wells) from an exceptional European family. He’s the image of his sire Dansili, and gallops like he knows it. One of Andrew Fortune’s picks when he came to ride them.


Lot 129

Hilaal (c)

Muhtafal ex Qusoor


Lot 105

Cat Cage (c)

Cataloochee ex Lovely Lucy

Very late foal (14th Nov) from one of Summerhill’s pre-eminent families. An athletic, slightly immature sort who gets better with every gallop. Covers ground in his quicker paces and has the pedigree to be half decent.

Lot 64

Memeza. (c)

Malhub ex Favoured Nation.

Kingmambo’s most successful cross has been with Northern Dancer-line mares, fellow answers the call. His dam has a remarkable 100% winners from 8 runners, but she’s not produced a better physical sort than Memeza, a very later foal (16th November). He’s impressed despite his birthdate. Dig deeper into this family, and you’ll find some of America’s best gallopers. It’s no surprise that he’s half-brother to a twelve time winner.

Lot 2

Zulu Legend (c)

Solskjaer ex The Great Beyond

First foal to an own sister of Charles Laird’s Blue Voyager, from a celebrated Koster family which has found fertile ground at Summerhill. He looks more like a Muhtafal than he does a Solskjaer, and he moves like one.

Lot 132

Impartial Justice (c)

Greys Inn ex Rami’s Secret

Brother to the Group One performer, Noble Rami, by a former Champion Three Year Old Colt in South Africa, by an international racing celebrity in Greys Inn. Impartial Justice has good looks, plenty of substance and the quick, rapid-fire action of a sprinter.

Lot 82

Megatron (c)

Muhtafal ex Habib Lizzaza

Spend A Buck has already achieved Champion Broodmare sire status in South America, and there’s an outstanding Australian family underpinning this colt. He has many of Muhtafal’s attributes, covering slightly more ground than the average, and has a nice low daisy cutting action to go with it.


Lot 21

Tasgeel (c)

Kahal ex Akraan

Kahal is known for the substance he imparts to his progeny, and especially to his sons, Desert Links, Kebraat, Emperor Napoleon, Fenerbahce etc. This fellow carries the same attributes, and comes from a prominent Sheikh Hamdan family. He has the nice easy action for which his sire’s stock are known.

Lot 70

Mcfearless (c)

Solskjaer ex Foo Fighter

If you’re looking for a fluent, flowing style to a horse, Mcfearless has it, and if you’re looking for Group One class in the pedigree, you’ll find it in bold Black type here. A late foal, whatever you see at the gallops, you can assume he’ll get even better from there.

Lot 28

08 Assemblance (c)

Var ex Assemblance

Son of one of the nation’s top young sprinting sires, this fellow looks and gallops the part. Besides, he hails from an outstanding Koster family, and was bred and raised by third generation members of the same family.

Lot 85

Maluti (c)

Malhub ex Hill Of Plenty

Who doesn’t recall the Herculean talents of Mill Hill, Smart As Paint and Buhsra, and you’d expect this family to keep delivering. One of the sales better value opportunities. Don’t say we didn’t mention it!

Lot 116

Showmetheway (c)

Muhtafal ex Nadira

In South African terms, there could hardly be a more current pedigree, with the second dam an own sister to one of the nation’s best stallions. Toss in a bit of Muhtafal and his regular output of Graded Stakes winners, and you have the makings of a good racehorse. This fellow’s typical of his sire, and he’s out of a daughter to a European Horse Of The Year. Show me the way!

Lot 54

Verocchio (c)

Royal Academy ex Denise Margaret

Royal Academy’s one of the worlds most prolific sires of Stakes winners, verging on a scarcely believable 160. Remember he also sired Guineas winner, Expressway, and “July” ace, Eyeofthetiger, in a single season. Judging by the way this fellow gallops, you’d have to believe his sire’s not done, as he’s one of the stars of the draft, and one of the last of the Royal Academy’s. Besides that, he’s out of a daughter of an Australian legend, Flying Spur, from of a sister to top racehorse, in Coburg Lodge.


Lot 17

Love Naticulus (c)

Malhub ex Western Flash

Malhub is the sire of four Black type performers this season in Danse To Destiny, Danse with Mikey, Ashjaan and Onehundredacrewood, and this colt is a brother to three previous winners from three runners out of the dam. This is one of Highlands Farm’s best and most commercial families, and he gallops like he knows it. By some stretch, this is best crop of Malhubs produced at Summerhill, and this colt is up there with the better ones. Could be a “best value” investment.

Lot 72

Erinoco (c)

Way West ex Full Stop

You’d have expected Way West to get explosive juveniles, and he obliged with a Highveld Juvenile Champion Filly with his first crop. However, he’s on fire at the moment, and this colt represents the celebrated cross of Danehill on a Northern Dancer-line mare. He’s also a brother to the six-time winner, Magic Amigo, and the immediate family of ten-time winner Bhekinkhosi. One of the world’s leading racehorse-producing families.

Lot 55

Frontino Gold (c)

Hussonet ex Don’t Stop Talking

It’s hard to imagine a much better pedigree in the South African catalogue, but this one would stand out anywhere in the world. The colt is a brother to two Black type winners, he’s as good looking an individual as Hussonet’s produced, and he’s a 25thNovember foal, which makes him all the more impressive. Hussonet is a seven-time Champion Sire in South America, and has already produced a further three Grade One winners in Australia. A star by any standards, from many stars emerging from the Ready To Run.

Lot 38

Solar Charge (c)

Malhub ex Cariad

Very late foal (27th November). Physically impressive brother to a very good horse locally and in Dubai for Mike de Kock, and an own brother to the useful Waging War (now a winner and twice placed from all his starts). This colt represents Kingmambo’s most celebrated cross on a Northern Dancer-line mare, and his gallop does his pedigree justice. Value time!

Lot 50

Western Way (c)

Way West ex Dahlia’s Guest

Sharp, smart colt from one of New Zealand’s top commercial families. Western Way has the speed and the class you’d expect from a horse bred on the Danehill/Northern Dancer cross, of which he carries three strains.

Lot 1

Mnguni (c)

Solskjaer ex Thandiwe

One of the leading fancies for this year’s R1,5 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup is Checcetti, a three quarter sister to the dam of this colt. He is a smart, well-made individual, with a quick raking action. Being early in the sale, he’s one of those who’ll represent good value. Besides, he’s related to no fewer than five Black type performers in the family all previous graduates of the Ready To Run sale.

Editor’s note : We’re told Neil Bruss has a Guineas filly by Solskjaer in his yard, and Charles Laird’s colt is apparently smart.


Lot 36

Tony’s Tipple (c)

Way West ex Campari

Smart, athletic sort with a good engine on him, this fellow motors with a fine economy of action, and will have his admirers on the strength of his gallop. Bred on the famed Danehill/Northern Dancer cross (three strains), so one for the notebook.

Lot 40

Private Banking (c)

Way West ex Celebrity Girl

Summerhill exists because of the third dam in the colt’s pedigree, Pagoda, the first racehorse owned by the present generation of the Goss family. Here’s an important update here, as the own sister, Danehill Darling was an impressive winner for Mike de Kock recently, and our staff will tell you, this colt is a step or two up on her. He’s a slightly bigger Way West type, and has a lovely, low action to recommend him.

Lot 57

Estornino (c)

Miesque’s Approval ex Dream Starling

Son of a Breeders’ Cup Champion out of a mare with a 100% winners record, this is an impressive, well grown sort who carries the whole package. He moves extremely well, and gallops with relish. Bound to have his followers. 

Lot 150

Invictus (c)

Kahal ex Shoreline Symphony

There’s only one reason this colt is being presented at the Ready To Run, and that’s his extremely late birth date (8th December). He’s a brother to the impressive Way West winner, Honolulu,(who’s made the cut for next month’s “Cup”) from one of the most successful families in the international stud book, and he runs like he knows it. His late birth date tells us there’s any amount of improvement in him, yet he already stands proud among top horses at the gallops, and his sire needs no introduction, he’s a top five stallion any day of the week.

Lot 126

Jack Flash (c)

Modern Day ex Quicksilver

A family made famous by Jan De Klerk’s Zeveenburgen Stud, and subsequently by Henry Devine of Jet Master fame, this fellow carries slightly more substance and style than the average Modern Day, and he’s impressive in his quicker paces. If you’re looking for value, put him in your notebook.

Lot 128

Double Or Nothing (c)

Solskjaer ex Qurrah

Besides the strength of the female family here (it’s done Sheikh Hamdan and others proud), this is a smart colt with a low, decent action. His late birth date tells us he’s an improver, so whatever you see on the day, you can expect to see more of in time. He won’t let us down.


Lot 88

Silverano (c)

Silvano ex Icy Thunder

From one of Mauritzfontein’s top families, out of a daughter of one of South Africa’s best sires of all time, this colt is by one of the nation’s leading young stallions. He’s a typical, neat athletic “Silvano” who looks like he might’ve inherited his father’s stamina. Easy, flowing action. Whatever he shows in the gallops, he’ll get better from there.

Lot 33

Deep Blue (c)

Muhtafal ex Blue Tango

Late foal (31 October) from a prolific winner-getting family. If you want to know what a smart, daisy-cutting Muhtafal looks like, you’ll find it with Deep Blue. Besides, he comes from the celebrated cross of Muhtafal on two strains of Northern Dancer, responsible for the likes of Let’s Rock n Roll, Outcome, Tuscan Elegance, Side By Side, Hot Reception, The Waltz. Battlestar Express, Alejate etc.

Lot 90

Great Smokey (c)

Cataloochee ex Insignia

Athletic, easy mover from a family that’s produced a National Champion in Imperial Dispatch, and one of the best young stallions in Europe (Footstepsinthesand). Son of the leasing first crop sire, Cataloochee, and a brother to the highly regarded Cameo, graduate of last year’s sale.

Lot 109

Tarteeb (c)

Muhtafal ex Mekeyaas

Look at the family, and remember that Muhtafal has been a perennial top ten sire for many seasons, and you have the makings of a racehorse. The broodmare sire, Pivotal, is one of Britain’s best stallions of the modern era, and this is as smart a colt as you’ll get from Muhtafal. Expect a legion of followers.

Lot 53

Winning Edge (c)

Malhub ex Deal A Double

If you’re looking for Black type, remember Malhub has four Stakes peformer of this past season, and here’s a colt bred with a double Mr. Prospector and a grand family underneath. He’s a very good looking type, and gallops with conviction. Will be a great value buy.

Lot 163

Tangisa (c)

Hobb Alwhatan ex Summer Guest

If you’re looking for a classy individual, have a look at this fellow. He’s a handsome fellow with a fluent classic action, by a brother to one of the best racehorses in the world, Dubai Millennium. Anything could happen.


Lot 151

Beijing Olympics (c)

Cataloochee ex Silent Manoeuvre

Big, strong colt, light on his feet with a lovely low action, he’s out of a sister to S.A. Guineas winner, St John Wood, from one of Highlands pre-eminent families. Expect a proper performance.

Lot 136

The Alamo (c)

Hobb Alwhatan ex Rock Anthem

Undoubtedly one of the best looking sons of Hobb Alwhatan to be raised at Summerhill, he looks at the gallop like he remembers Rock Star is part of his ancestry. Great value opportunity.

Lot 52

Gida (c)

Malhub ex Dancer’s Choice

One of the starting favourites for this year’s R1,5 million Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup will undoubtedly be Checcetti, the half sister to this fellow. Checcetti has won her last two for Mike de Kock, by a combined thirteen lengths. As smart a colt as this family’s produced, look for a big performance on gallops day. Excellent value opportunity.

Lot 111

Sea Lover (c)

Solskjaer ex Mighty Nation

Another from one of Highland’s best families, this is a smart, compact individual, typical of his female’ line, the attributes of which are in big bold type on your page. A late foal (24th October) he’ll have his admirers.

Lot 139

Isipho (c)

Malhub ex Rosetta

There are enough quality runners in this family to tell us that this could be a bargain opportunity. His gallop emphasises the fact, and so does his commanding appearance.

Lot 124

Captain Grant (c)

Kahal ex Proud And True

A big, imposing colt by one of the sires of the moment, from one of Highland’s top families, you’d expect him to be decent on the back of his page. One of the sale’s big babies. Whatever he does on gallops day, you can look for more down the road.


Lot 34

Hulabaloo (c)

Kahal ex Bridal Paths

By one of the nation’s best stallions, out of a unbeaten Juvenile Champion, this fellow carries Kahal’s greatest cross (with Northern Dancer-line mares). Pick Six reminds us that the family is capable of millionaire status, and his gallop tells us the rest.

Lot 58

Western Approaches (c)

Way West ex Dress Code

There are enough top class performers in this family to tell us that anything is possible from it. Imperial Dispatch was a National Champion, while Footstepsinthesand is one of the best young stallions in Europe, and one more generation reveals multiple South African Champion sire, HighVelt. This is a smart, well-grown individual, nicknamed “Nhlamba” (the bullet) by our riders. That tells the story.

Lot 104

Acapello (c)

Kahal ex Lotti

Own brother to first-time winner Kapelmeister, this is a sharp, athletic son of one of the nation’s leading sires, from a stakes-winning daughter of a local racing legend. He carries a nice, easy action, and you can expect him to be doing his best on Friday.

Lot 160

Bukeka (c)

Solskjaer ex Stolen Beauty

A brother to a candidate in last year’s Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup. A well-developed, robust individual, more like Muhtafal than his own sire. Moves well and will have his fans.

Lot 146

Dodge City (c)

Way West ex Scarlet Ribbon

His mother could run, and he’s answered her prayers. He’s a smart, forward colt with a big engine, and he’ll gallop accordingly.

Lot 15

Search Engine (c)

Solskjaer ex Wanted

A big scopey individual with a gracious way of going, from one of Summerhill’s  celebrated families. This year’s equivalent of Gold Bowl hero, Winning Leap, a previous the 2008 Ready To Run graduate.

Lot 12


Malhub ex Vanish

The Ready To Run is famous for her surprises, and Disappear was one of them in his year. This fellow comes from a prolific mare who gets them by all kinds of sires, and they come in all shapes and sizes. This guy is a strongly made, well muscled individual who knows he has something to live up to. He moves extremely well, with a low daisy cutting action, and despite his late date of birth, he’ll wow them.

Dates to remember :

Saturday 6 November 2010 - Raceday

Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup

Sunday 7 November 2010 - Auction Sale

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emperors palace ready to run 2010

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