Tarryn Liebenberg
Nobody knows the Summerhill horses better than our “boys in green”, the young men who ride these magnificent beasts we call thoroughbreds out in the early hours of the morning while “normal” people are still enjoying the blissful tranquillity of slumber. We’ve proclaimed the talents of these horsemen on numerous occasions, and the lead-up to this year’s Summer Ready To Run is no different.
— Tarryn Liebenberg / Pre-Training & Sales

In order to give you, our faithful reader, the best chance of choosing the next Anna Pavlova, Top Shot, Coby or No Worries (all bought directly off the farm for a bargain), we’ve asked our jockey’s to supply us with their list of favourites (based on the gallops), and to add a bit of spice, the rest of the Summerhill team have been encouraged to have their say, too. The list is growing by the day as the weekend “hots-up” with visitors to the farm hoping to see something extraordinary in one of the Summer Ready To Run candidates that may just be missed in the hustle-and-bustle of Tuesday morning’s viewing, we’ll be hard-pressed to keep these numbers from running right off your screen.

Here’s the tally so far:

You too could have your say. All you need to do is visit our Summer Ready To Run page (http://www.summerhill.co.za/summer-ready-to-run-sale-2017/) to “clock” the gallops.

Contact Tarryn Liebenberg, Linda Norval or Amorette Maitre to book your spot for Tuesday.