We all know about “fashion” in the world of racing, the temptation to follow the stock of the “in” stallion. But the truth about our sport is there are no walking races, it’s about running, and none of the good ones know who their fathers are.

The great appeal of the Ready To Run is its capacity for surprise. It’s when the buyer with the “good eye” gets to beat the big wallet, by “clocking” the gallops and flushing out the athletes. The history of the sale is littered with big names from “little” fathers, champions, millionaires and Group 1 racehorses.

Like multi-millionaires Rabada (Brave Tin Soldier;) Imbongi (Russian Revival;) Pierre Jourdan (Parade Leader;) Hear The Drums (Gold Press;) J&B Met hero La Fabulous (by Lustra;) Brave Mary (Brave Tin Soldier;) Catmandu (Makaarem;) and Amphitheatre (Braashee;) as well as Fanyana (Alami;) Phunyuka (Slew The Red;) Thandolwami (Woodborough;) Winning Leap (Labeeb;) Coby, Arch Rival and Glider Pilot (all A.P. Arrow;) Anna Pavlova (St Petersburg;) and The Elmo Effect (Admire Main).

But then these “champs” had some advantages of their own, like the families that have delivered up more Breeders’ titles than any others in modern times. Like one of the best horse-rearing farms on the planet. And the hands of some of its most gifted stockmen.


Ready To Run Sale:
School Of Excellence, Summerhill Stud, Wednesday, 25th October 2017, 2pm.