We are sad to report that with the considerable pressure on government finances for universities following the “Fees Must Fall” campaign, educational support for other institutions (all SETAS) including the CATHSSETA which has been a major provider of funds not only for our Winter Workshop, but principally for our annual scholarships, have fallen away.
— Leigh Adams / School of Equine Management Excellence

We have managed to find a handful of substitute sponsors for the odd scholarship, and fortunately, we have a number of privately funded scholars for the school, so we have a full subscription of students for the year. That however does not assist those for whom the School was originally intended, namely the disadvantaged community, who have performed so miraculously since this project was initiated.

While that in itself is a great pity, we’re equally saddened at having to report that for this year at least, the Winter Workshop will, in all likelihood not take place. Time to find funding and attract the international speakers for which it’s become famous, is too short, so we’ve had to notify those who’d been invited of this rather unfortunate news, and being the people they are, they’ve accepted it with the grace you’d expect of them.

To all of you who’ve become regular attendees and/or participants, our sincerest apologies for this turn of events, for which we received no notice at all, and only managed to establish it through the delays in refunding us for the scholarships which awarded at the beginning of 2015. Those funds are still “at large”. Times are tough, and it seems they’re not confined to the private sector alone!

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