Summerhill was only No. 2 in 2015, so why count on our horses?
— Mick Goss / Summerhill CEO

Because we're trying even harder. The breeding landscape is littered with billionaires these days, with no limit to the depths of their pockets. Which means we have to get up even earlier, work much harder and think much smarter.

Innovation took us to the mountain top a record number of times. But it also encouraged the competition to catch up. Now we're headed off in a new direction, and it shows in our current juvenile sales graduates. As good as any in the "golden era". Maybe the best ever.

Rabada, Jet Air, Royal Pleasure, Tar Heel, the first-timers Top Form, Lala, Virtuality, Chisanyama, Harvest Queen, Emperors Lass, Bindaloo and Red Hot Poker, Dance On Air, Intergalactic, Faberge Style, King Of Chaos, Lady Of Scandal, Pure Blonde and Sobonana. Most of them already in the "heat" of big race contests.

So you see, we are trying harder. And we are getting better. Better than ever.


Health Warning: Summerhill horses can be "habit-forming."

Summerhill Sires DVD 2015/2016