Mick Goss
So, if you’re not looking for Summerhill’s brand of value, ask yourself or your advisors why? After all, in this game you don’t win silver, you only lose gold.
— Mick Goss / Summerhill CEO

The contest for the spoils of our neighbourhood raged for the best part of a century. Nowhere in history was the heat of the battle more intense, more courageous and more enduring. At Willow Grange, just two hills from the Summerhill stallion barn, victory went to the men best mounted. You see, General Botha knew the value of good blood in the selection of his cavalry. He also knew he was fighting for the best farming "dirt" on the planet.

And while today's "cavalry" are bred for a different contest, the rules remain the same. For three generations now, the people behind the Summerhill story have lived by the old breeding maxim that "a good bull is half the herd", and the other half is about upbringing.

When Pat Goss Senior found himself in the number one box with St Pauls at the 1946 Durban July, he pledged himself to the jubilant crowd to apply the full proceeds to the best stallion his money could buy. Ever since then, we've backed our own stallions with the same fervour as old man Pat did, every inch of the way. And they've taken us to the mountain top more often than any other farm in the modern game.

In preparing ourselves for the battles of the turf, it's not about paying less; it never has been. Value is about getting more for your money, which is what Northern Guest, Home Guard, Liloy, National Emblem, Rambo Dancer, Kahal and Muhtafal were always about. It's no different today, and we pay what you pay, which means we only win if you win.

So, if you're not looking for Summerhill's brand of value, ask yourself or your advisors why? After all, in this game you don't win silver, you only lose gold.