Pat Cummings / TDN (p)

Pat Cummings / TDN (p)

We recently caught up with Pat Cummings, a name regular readers may recall from his presentation at the 2013 Winter Workshop (held at the School of Equine Management Excellence). In case a reminder is needed, Pat is the Director of Racing Information for Trakus, a company that provides racetrack operators with full-field, in-race tracking and real-time information using wireless technology.

One of the keen students who was present during Pat’s informative lecture last year, was a young woman whose name has become a constant in these pages, Hazel Kayiya. Currently completing an internship at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hazel couldn’t resist the urge to impart upon Pat some of the insight she’d gained during her time spent at Summerhill, when she recognised him at the races a few days ago. Here’s what he had to say about their one-on-one:

“I had the pleasure of being at Happy Valley tonight and was just sitting there in the Adrenaline nightclub at the races chatting with the Trakus CEO (my boss) Bob McCarthy when all of a sudden this cheerful woman comes up to me. She reintroduces herself as Hazel from Gold Circle, reaffirming our meeting in July at the Winter Workshop. We had a phenomenal conversation detailing her experience up to this point, etc. I looked at her old business card from Gold Circle and said “with all due respect, your ideas and dialogue are not that of a normal ‘risk assurance audit manager.’”

“I know,” she said, “I blame it all on Mick Goss!”

She was just wonderful. Energetic, vivacious, and just all-around an exciting young mind in the game, and gave all the credit to Summerhill and the overall experience. It was such a pleasure to chat with her and I wanted to share and say thanks for helping develop some great minds in the game! Hazel has a bright future ahead of her!”