For the first time in history, the first thoroughbred democratic elections were held at the Summerhill Gallops on Friday.

Besides the Judges panel, the public, trainers, bloodstockers, jockeys, owners and racing fans were invited to vote for their favourites, and as you might have expected from a much larger audience than the judges panel, they returned a wider range of fancies. The results of those selections are published below, but we remind our readers that the online voting continues, and we will be supplementing these results periodically as we approach the sale.


With the benefit of hindsight, now that the gallops are on the website, no doubt there will be those in attendance at the gallops who may wish to revisit their original choices, while it’s obvious from the responses we’re getting online that there are plenty of others who still wish to cast their votes. Remember, your first five colts and your first five fillies.

What is quite obvious from the returns we’re getting at the moment, is that opinions are rightly varied, which reminds us once again that “there’s a horse for everyone at the Ready To Run”.