Team G Racing Syndicate - Dirtydealin Mamma
Team G Racing Syndicate - Dirtydealin Mamma

Dirtydealin Mamma - TGR Syndicate

(Photo ; Gold Circle)

“It’s On Fire”

If you read “Up the Irish” yesterday, you’ll have “moseyed” the good looking mugs of our friends from Box 3A, who’ve ushered in a fresh and youthful spirit to the ranks of our owners in KZN.

This is another picture of racings new revolution in ownership, and if they keep on winning, you can count on a snowball. Trainer Gavin van Zyl has made it possible by introducing a system of fractional ownership, so that you can buy as little as 1% of a horse and become a player. Suddenly the game is accessible to a much broader audience, and Gavin tells us “it’s on fire”. The van Zyls have been the pioneers here, and they deserve plaudits for their efforts. It will take a bit of administering, we all know that, but this could be another game-changer in attracting new participants, especially if their charges are named Dirtydealin Mamma, like this victorious lady is.

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