Ready To Run Sale Mark II
Ready To Run Sale Mark II

Ready To Run Mark II

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23 February 2011 

The countdown for the inaugural staging of Summerhill’s second Ready To Run Sale has started. This time next week we’ll be off to Shongweni with 55 lots, and we’ll have hosted a number of horsemen from various parts of the world in the few days leading into the sale. We have bookings at Hartford House from the UK, France and Germany, and the response from Mauritian trainers has been encouraging. They’ve obviously seen the catalogue, and they know a good thing when they spot it.

No doubt, there will be those who will ask why these horses were not consigned to the first Ready To Run in November, and there are any number of answers for that. The first is, as is so often the case, there are a couple of them that incurred bumps and bruises going into the first sale, a few caught viruses on the eve of our departure, and others make up the numbers of those we generally sell off the farm at this time of the year. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they might be “left overs”. History tells us that the millionaires Imbongi, Bold Ellinore, Emperor Napoleon and Amphitheatre were counted among the horses left on the farm after the initial Ready To Run, and if you’ve been into our website ( and clicked the Ready To Run Mark II Sale tab on the left hand side) and seen the gallops for yourself, you’ll know that there are a number of genuine racehorses in this draft.

summerhill stud south africa
summerhill stud south africa

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