A.P. Arrow by A.P. Indy
A.P. Arrow by A.P. Indy

A.P. Arrow

(Photo : Greig Muir)


A.P. Indy (USA) - Garimpeiro (USA)

It’s always gratifying when the top men in their profession recognise something good in something you stand for. Last week, the most powerful judging panel in South African racing, put the seal of approval on the Mullins Bays and the Strongholds at the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Gallops. Sadly, Stronghold is no more, but Mullins Bay continues to put out a product of breathtaking attraction. Of course, the acid test is still in front, but for now, we like the way they’re going, particularly in their quicker paces.

This weekend it was the turn of the men from Cape Thoroughbred Sales, who cast their eyes over our entry for next January’s Premier Sale line-up. We all know John Kramer to have as good an eye as any man in the land, and he was accompanied by one of the world’s best judges, Tom Thornbury of Keeneland. Besides being an out-and-out gentlemen, and a grand ambassador for the greatest sales organisation in America (the world?), Tom is our kind of guy. He speaks passionately, knowledgeably and with the great empathy that resides only in proper horsemen, about these creatures which are the object of our obsession. Encouragingly, both he and John were noticeably struck by the first crop of A.P. Arrow, not only at Summerhill, but at the various other farms they had visited. That’s the first endorsement, and for now, you’d have to say we’re bang on target.

summerhill stud, south africa
summerhill stud, south africa

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