first admire main foal
first admire main foal

First Admire Main Foal

(Photo : Leigh Willson)


“There is a tide in the affairs of man, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune”. So said one of the wisest of them all, William Shakespeare, several centuries ago, as true today as it was then.

If you’re in the horse business, and engaged with stallions, you’ll know the critical value of a blockbuster sire. A “good bull is half the herd, a bad bull is the whole herd” another wise man once said of his stallions. Claiborne Farm’s Bull Hancock knew what he was talking about, associated as he was with the likes of Nasrullah, Bold Ruler, Princequillo and Nijinsky. That we still recall those names with such reverence, is an accolade to the significance human beings attach to the deeds of great stallions, and we lie awake at times like this, waiting for the arrivals of those with their maiden crops.

The first portent of a stallion’s potential is a matter of racing prowess and pedigree. But the big judge lies in the foals, because neither racing class nor parentage is, in itself, a guarantee of sire success. Last season, Mullins Bay’s first lot told us he’d passed the second hurdle, that his foals were everything his pedigree and racecourse performance promised. Just as accomplished and equally well bred are A.P. Arrow (by A.P. Indy) and Admire Main (by Sunday Silence), who face the jury in 2010.

For twelve long months we’ve waited again for the Admire Mains and A.P. Arrows, and the man from Japan has been the first out of the starting blocks. But that’s not the only respect in which he ranks first : he’s also the first (and the only) son of the breed shaping stallion Sunday Silence, to stand at stud on this continent, so his first foals are not only eagerly anticipated, they’re also unique.

This first arrival is from a modestly performed daughter of Kahal, and is just her second foal. By any standards anywhere, he’s an excellent sort, and if our man “Admire” can keep this up, we’ll be celebrating well into the new year.


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