richard mcmillan
richard mcmillan

Richard McMillan

(Image : Summerhill Stud)



On Saturday evening at the Greyville Racemeeting (11 December 2010) we will be honouring Richard McMillan who has given 50 years to the media, with 30+ years of which he has been a Racing Journalist.

Richard was asked to name his races and give a brief write-up accordingly. The races have been named as per below :

The Brothers Scott

Robin and Des Scott have been special friends for 30 years. They have long been among the best breeders in the country and have been great supporters of the industry as owners, breeders and administrators.

Herman W Brown (Snr)

A great trainer who was always willing to help. As a fledgling racing writer he taught me a great deal and became a good friend.

Mick Goss

Held to his dream and succeeded in establishing the country’s leading stud. Ever friendly and supportive, he has contributed in various ways to promote and develop racing in South Africa.

Kevin Shea

I saw his talent early in his career and was drawn to him for his impish love of life. Although now one of the top international riders, he remains the down-to-earth Kevin with his ever-present humour and willingness to help.

After the running of Race 7, Gold Circle will be having a presentation for Richard in the winners box where we will join Richard for a glass of champagne in the Parade Ring thereafter.