summerhill yearling at inspection 2010
summerhill yearling at inspection 2010

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(Photography : Leigh Willson)

John Kramer and Alan Roux come to visit with their clipboards

It’s that time of year again when the TBA inspectors make their annual pilgrimage around the country and last week John Kramer and Alan Roux spent some time with us inspecting our 2011 National Yearling sales prospects. With a strong crop of yearlings including the first crop of Mullins Bay, StrongholdandRavishing as well as a couple of Trippis thrown in the mix we were hopeful of a good result and were not disappointed! Now we wait and see what the pedigree bofs have to say in a few weeks time before we know how many youngsters are accepted, but with a solid bunch of Kahals and Muhtafals and a few exciting imports we’;re looking forward to next year’s sale.