mike de kock, kevin shea and sheikh mohammed
mike de kock, kevin shea and sheikh mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed, Mike de Kock and Kevin Shea

(Photo : Mike de Kock Racing)

MIKE DE KOCK and KEVIN SHEA go Falcon Hunting

We’re lucky at Summerhill. Our blog attracts attention from all the corners of the world, and we regularly get remarks flowing from recent postings. This one though, goes back an awful long way to a report on a visit to the desert by Mike de Kock et al, who went falcon hunting with the eldest son of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, a long-time client of the farm.

We’re not into hunting at Summerhill, but we’re always intrigued by what gets people up in the mornings. This one comes in the form of a job application :

Assalam-o-Alekum !

I Hearbally request to you that i eager to work in arabic animal form. I have lots of information for this. please give me a single chance for showing my self. I have read more about Shiek Mohammad Forms and hunting activty, Now i become very eager to employment in his regards. I have also expirience about “FALCON”.

So please reply this request.

Naeem Essa


Our reply :

Good Morning Naim

Many thanks for your interesting note, and also for your interest in our business. Unfortunately, at the moment, we have a serious unemployment problem in our area, and so every effort is being made to employ local people wherever we can, which means we’re unable to consider applications from abroad.

However, since you seem to be well qualified in falcon hunting, perhaps you should address a note to those who pursue it. We don’t hunt with falcons here; it’s largely people in the Middle East who do so.

We wish you well in your efforts.