summerhill stud giants castle
summerhill stud giants castle

Sweet Pastures

(Photo : Leigh Willson)


In recalling Hear The Drums’ 25th victory and that it makes him the winning-most horse in the past 30 years, reminds us that the best racehorse of the past 50 years in terms of victories, also graduated from these paddocks. Race goers of the early 70’s will remember the intense rivalry between the magnificent In Full Flight and the indestructible Sentinel, who shared the honours in the Cape Of Good Hope Guineas (Gr.1) of 1971, and then took their competition to Durban for the winter season, to the delight of every racing fan in the land.

Tragically, In Full Flight succumbed to a heart attack while preparing for the J&B Met of that summer, while Hartford’s Sentinel went on to become one of the great warriors of the game, racing well into his 7th year. This remains fairly recent history in the annals of our sport, and it’s almost unthinkable to recall a horse that chalked up 30 wins in his career. Yet that’s the record of this horse of steel, who was born and raised in the Hartford foaling barn (now the Sentinel Conference Centre, just behind Suites 5-8 at Hartford House). To the best of our knowledge, there’s no other horse to match his record in the past 50 years.

We raise them tough, and we raise them well here at Summerhill, and it’s a matter of pride to us that the two winning-most horses of the last century, should’ve known the sweetness of our pastures.