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If you should hear in the streets of our village, what Summerhill owes to the bank, it’s not that our financial custodians have been indiscreet. It’s part of our deal with our people.

There were times in our thirty years that those numbers would have frightened the life out of some folk. But it was part of the faith we have with our bankers. They backed us every inch of the way.

Building an enterprise of Summerhill’s ilk, is a daunting prospect. Especially if you kick off at ground zero. It takes time, and it guzzles capital.

So write this down. May 2nd, 2009. A halcyon moment in our history. For the first time in three decades, we had cash in the bank.

A signal, if ever there was one, that we’d cut the mustard. Fundamental to all of this, was a single standout feature. We backed the Summerhill stallions.Every inch of the way. In all our time, we never wavered, all the while knowing they’d deliver the bacon. At the right time, at the right price.

Yet, in preparing ourselves for the battles of the turf, it’s not about paying less. It never has been. Value is about getting more for your money, which is what the Summerhill Sires have always been about. And remember this, we pay what you pay, and we only win if you win.

In the end though, it all boils down to this. If you’re not using a Summerhill stallion, ask yourself or your advisors why not?

After all, in this game, you don’t win silver. You only lose gold.

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