writing brochure
writing brochure

(Photo : Chris Greene/Summerhill)

Those who’ve known us for a long time, and those who’ve tried to get hold of him in recent weeks, will know where the boss is.

Not being a natural propagandist (!), he tucks himself away and spews out the next version of the farm’s brochure. We then share excerpts from it in the weeks leading up to publication, and we thought the most appropriate, given next Saturday‘s event, would be this one.


Though why it’s called a “game” is beyond us. True, its time for the hats and the pearls to come out, but its also time for the gloves to come off. Because its time for the toughest sport of the lot.

Racing is a game in which horses are the religion, and the fans are there to be entertained. Our people are “Saturday” people, especially in winter when the biggest of the big race days find their way to the Garden Province. Those marquee days you long for. Like the First Saturday in July.

Yes, Saturday afternoon in the city: the Summerhill horses will be there. How do we know? Well, they’ve been there before, you know. And there are places they still want to go.

On the way, there’s something they will encounter which is every bit as contagious as the equine flu. They call it “July” fever, for which there is no known vaccine. On big race days our fellows know what it takes. Some never do.

The parade for the Vodacom July is the telling moment in racing. Its history is as old as the game itself, and we cherish its traditions. That’s why we’ve chosen to polish it, rather than overhaul it.

Among the cheering crowd, it’s safe to say, there’ll be several people who’ve made significant investments in the horses passing by. It’s at times like these, when the money’s down, that you want to know that yours has the foundations. The place, the pedigree and the upbringing. Most times, that’s as good as money in the bank.

Later on when the sticks are out, and they’re calling for the reserves, the penny just drops.

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