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Compromise is not a word we use around here. In fact it’s forbidden. It’s the kind of word that’ll get your mouth washed out with soap. We’d like to think there’s enough compromise in the world. Work, our social lives, health: it’s all about compromise. That’s why we still make our horsefeeds the uncompromising way, according to the Summerhill Purity Oath of 1979.


Ever since then, we’ve been working away at making better and better horsefeeds, to the degree that Vuma stands today as the innovator, as the Rolls Royce in the nutrition business. Not just in South Africa, but internationally.


Some years back, we developed the very first range of bio-friendly horsefeeds in the world, and the creed by which we started, stands firm today. Use nothing but the very best ingredients, and wherever possible, acquire them from organic producers who share these values. As far as we know, we’re still the only people that do it this way, and the results are there for everyone to see.

Eight of the top twelve in the 2008 Trainers’ Premiership, the Champion Breeders and any number of Championships in the leisure horse business. And remember this: every bag is an individual masterpiece made and wrapped by hand, with the care and concern you show for every individual horse you have. It’s something we believe in. Deeply. It’s something we’ll stand by. Forever.


It’s the way we’ll keep making horsefeeds. Without compromise.


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