Waging battles on two fronts that took them down to the proverbial finish line last year, brothers Teruya and Katsumi Yoshida continued to dominate racing in Japan unlike any other familial dynasty in the world.

Thoroughbred Owner & Breeder reports that for the fifth consecutive year, Katsumi Yoshida’s Northern Farm scooped the title of leading breeder with 617 runners garnering 310 wins and earning the equivalent of a mind-boggling £54,088,324. Northern-bred runners included three champions: juvenile filly Buena Vista, sprintermiler Sleepless Night and dirt horse Kane Hekili.

Horses bred by Teruya Yoshida’s Shadai Farm, which has earned 13 leading breeder titles since 1990, collected £53,093,275 and boasted 337 wins.

Screen Hero, winner of the Japan Cup and champion older horse, led the Shadai-breds. No other farm was even close to Northern and Shadai in the ranks of leading breeders, and the power of the Yoshidas is illustrated further by the fact that third-ranked Shiraoi Farm, which was represented by 83 wins and earnings of £12,493,647, is also owned by the family. The Oiwake Farm of brother Haruya Yoshida ranked tenth among breeders with earnings of £4,594,656.


The story is much the same when it comes to Japan’s top owners. Shadai Race Horse, a syndicate group led by Teruya Yoshida, claimed the leading owner crown for the 17th time over the past two decades, turning back the Sunday Racing group affiliated with Northern Farm that had led all owners in 2005 and 2007.


With 238 runners who made 1,181 starts, Shadai Race Horse notched 144 wins with 100 winners that earned a whopping total of £23,525,424.

Another 64 runners competed under Teruya’s personal name, winning 37 more races and an additional £7,550,359, which was enough to rank him seventh on the top owners’ list.