vuma horse feeds“Vuma : New generation feeds in brand new recyclable wrappers.”

“Never the imitator: always the innovator”, Vuma Feeds was at it again this past weekend with the introduction of their new generation feeds in their brand new recyclable wrappers. Born of the same foundations that have made Summerhill Stud and Hartford House national leaders in their respective disciplines, Vuma is nothing else if it isn’t the nation’s signature brand leader in ground-breaking advances in the field of equine nutrition, a status which even its most ardent competitors have acknowledged

Dubbed by the marketplace as the Rolls Royce of South African horse feeds, Vuma’s technological leaps of the past decade have wrenched the South African environment from it’s backwater slumber to the forefront of the international revolution in athletic nourishment. On its way, Vuma overturned the outmoded philosophies of the eighties, and became the world leader in the production of organically based feeds.

Sunday evening witnessed the convergence on Hartford House of a number of Vuma’s foremost distributors, and there was pretty much unanimity among those gathered that the benchmark Vuma has set in the feeding of horses, is replicated in the dinner Jackie Cameron and her team served up at Hartford. A meal at KZN’s Number One restaurant set the tone for the unveiling of Vuma’s latest secret weapon, and the reception the “new generation” range received was an encouraging precursor to a launch which has been gathering momentum for a few weeks now. Within a week of this note, all Vuma’s stockists should be carrying the new range, where the chic green wrappers will guarantee the longevity of a product that has brought a new definition to the word “freshness”.

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