john kramer kerry jack and tobi spies at the inspection
john kramer kerry jack and tobi spies at the inspection

John Kramer, Kerry Jack and Tobi Spies at the inspection

(Photo : Leigh Wilson)


Last week we were visited by the Bloodstock South Africa inspectors comprising of John Kramer & Tobi Spies. They have the thankless task each year of traveling thousands of kilometres around this vast country of ours visiting some remote areas to view every yearling nominated for next year’s National Yearling Sale (about 950 were inspected this year) They then have the unenviable job of giving each yearling a physical score out of 10. For some breeders their yearlings are like their children so you can imagine that being critical of the ‘kids’ & giving them a rating is not always taken well! It’s not an easy job as mostly it’s a case of looking at a diamond in the rough. The youngsters are usually unprepared & are at different stages of their growth. Some can change unrecognisably in a few months & it is a case of predicting how they will develop between now & next year April when the sale takes place. Judging is a very subjective exercise and we’re never all going to be on the same page, but having said that John & Tobi have had years of experience & have inspected thousands of yearlings over the years.  

John Kramer has been doing yearling inspections since 1988 & he is a wealth of information (both human & equine!)  He has an incredible eye for a horse & is known for his fair judgement. Tobi Spies has been a successful trainer for many years. He has now handed the reins over to his son Corne Spies & this father & son combination are known as the hardest working team at the sales as they inspect every horse on every sale throughout the country.

John & Tobi have recently completed their inspections & the BSA pedigree panel sits today. They go through every nomination giving the sire & dam each a score out of 5. The combined physical & pedigree score gives a total out of 20 & the 600 highest scorers are then accepted for the 2010 National Yearling Sale.

Kerry Jack

Bloodstock & Racing Manager