photos of yeats arriving at coolmore stud by anne-,arie o'brien
photos of yeats arriving at coolmore stud by anne-,arie o'brien

Solskjaer’s brother, Yeats

(Photo : Anne-Marie O’Brien)

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by Anne-Marie O’Brien

Solskjaer’s celebrated brother, 4-time Ascot Gold Cup Champion, Yeats, arrived at the world’s most famous stallion station, Coolmore, earlier in the week. Who better to describe it (and a few others things) than his breeder, Diane Nagle in this extract from a note to Summerhill.

Great start for Oratorio - a Royal Ascot winner as well! and he really wouldn’t have got many decent mares.  He would have been well down the ladder at that time - after Sadler’s Wells, Montjeu, Galileo, Danehill Dancer etc!  It’ll probably take some time for the better mares he’ll get next year to help him!  (as you know only too well!!).  With Danehill anything can happen! 

We still have his mother but she’s old now.  We sold a yearling half sister at Deauville.

And yes, Yeats has arrived at Coolmore - I’m attaching some photos Anne-Marie (Aidan’s wife) took - isn’t she good?  He is not Settling In Well at all!!  When Dave his groom, Gosuke his work rider (all for 7 years) and the travelling head man Pat left him in his new stable and walked off he went crazy!!  He had become institutionalised at Ballydoyle I think! Horses love a routine don’t they!  Sue and I have since organised for a V grill in his stable door so he can look out and a mirror behind the bars in his window! We’re going down again on Friday to see him again!

He’ll stand for between 10k and 12k euros and we definitely hope to get the majority flat bred mares.  He won as a 2 yr old, was unbeaten at 3 and hot favourite for the Derby until he got injured.  At 4 he won the Coronation over the Derby course in a canter.  It is considered a penalty that he won 4 Gold Cups when it comes to breeding -  but my theory is Montjeu (bred on similar lines SW ex Top Ville mare but with not nearly such a good pedigree!!) could also have won Gold Cups if he’d had the temperament and soundness like Yeats!  Yeats has a Champion 2 yr old Lady of Chad close up in his pedigree and there is no reason if he gets the right mares he can’t be the real deal!  He’s a magnificent looking horse with a will to win!

Now I’ll get off the butter-box!!

How is Solksjaar doing?  When will he have runners?  We get a magazine called Parade and so keep up with the SA scene!

solskjaer standing at summerhill stud, south africa
solskjaer standing at summerhill stud, south africa