paula mckenzie with diners club wine list awardPaula McKenzie: Hartford House Assistant General Manager,
displays the Diners Club Wine List Award
(Lin Kayton)

While the culinary world continues to hail Hartford’s reputation as one of the best eateries in South Africa, we often forget that good food should always be accompanied by a fine bottle of wine.

Hartford House has long prided itself on its excellent wine list and on Wednesday it achieved something of a record for an establishment of its sort, with its seventh consecutive platinum award. In the end, great restaurants are a combination of ambience, imaginative cuisine, authentic service and the very best of wines, and Hartford has long ticked every one of these boxes.

Summerhill prides itself in its association with the outstanding standards Hartford House has set itself, and we all rise in salutation of yet another recognition. From one Champion team to another, well done.

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