Summerhill Stallion Day
(Photos : Michael Nefdt)

The Summerhill Stallion Day was a rousing success, with visitors from across the whole racing world. Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, France, Turkey , Germany, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and the length and breadth of South Africa. In the end, we fed more than 700 people, and we’re almost frightened to look at the booze bill this morning!

The new horses, Mullins Bay, Stronghold and Ravishing were at their brilliant best, and the business undertaken by our stallions booking department through the afternoon was a testament to their class. We know the times are supposedly tough across the economic spectra of the world, but you’d be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss was about if you’d attended the auction. South Africans have long been known for their generosity, but yesterday the world was here, and they opened their hearts and emptied their pockets in no uncertain manner. This has long been one of the best parties in racing, but Sunday was a spectacle for everyone, and those who won the bidding duels will have their names carved forever upon the bricks at the Al Maktoum School Of Excellence, which will be a work in progress by the time of next year’s Stallion Day. We have some ambitious plans for this school.

Those that honoured the day by putting up their hands for this very worthy cause were:

Horse                  Advertised Price   Auction Price    Buyer

Albarahin            R10 000                 R5 000            Invermooi Stud
Cataloochee       R20 000                  R22 000         Dr. Jim Hay
Hobb Alwahtan  R12 000                  R18 000         Jo de Nys
Kahal                  R50 000                  R55 000         Chips Pennells
Malhub                R20 000                 R20 000          Koos de Klerk
Muhtafal             R60 000                  R110 000       Dr. Jim Hay
Mullins Bay         R30 000                 R42 000          Ronnie Napier
Ravishing            R10 000                 R20 000          Barry Clements
Solskjaer            R20 000                 R32 000          Robert Harrison
Stronghold          R40 000                 R42 000          Chips Pennells
Way West           R16 000                 R20 000          Rupert Plersch
                                                          R386 000

1 x 3L magnum Waterford Cab Sauv (2004) R13 000   Fitri Hay

Total Raised                                            R399 000

In the event, with just one exception, the stallions all made at least their service fees and in some instances, considerably more, a tribute to their quality and a statement on the atmosphere that marked the occasion. By some stretch, this was the biggest price ever for a mangnum of Waterford Cab.

For the record, Stallion Day’s equivalent of Man of the Match, or Underbidder of the Day, went to Highlands Farm’s Mike Sharkey who had a crack at both the Muhtafal, the Kahal services, and then underbid on the Waterford Cabernet. He, Marsh Shirtliff and  Jet Master’s Devines were all here to celebrate their big day at the Vodacom Durban July where Pocket Power and Dancer’s Daughter chalked up the first deadheat in 41 years.