The preparations on the farm
(Grant Norval)

The boss’s return to work after a week away with his family in the game reserves greeted him with the news that our annual Stallion Day is already heavily oversubscribed. As he entered the boardroom for the daily 6:45am Manager’s meeting, there were whispers in some corners about trying to find someone who can do something with “loaves and fishes”, and someone else was feverishly phoning for more chairs, tables and tablecloths. Apart from most of racing’s celebrities, we’re expecting guests from as far afield as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Korea in the East, and of course the usual sprinkling of guests from the UK, America, France and Kenya. This is some kind of a week at Summerhill, and the remarkable thing is, it involves every single soul on the property, down to the last.

That it all turns out the way it does, is a fantastic compliment to one of the world’s great teams. It’s quite amazing what you can get done when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.