summerhill_foalA future Summerhill Champion soaking up the sunshine
(Kayleigh Leisagang)

Kerry Jack Summerhill Bloodstock & Racing ManagerWith the breeding season fast approaching it is time once again to decide which stallions our mares will be visiting this year. When a mare makes a trip to the covering shed little does she know that the stallion that walks through that door is no random choice, but the result of hours of research, thought and debate.

Here at Summerhill it is a process that involves weeks of preparation and feedback from the entire team. Every stallion, mare, weanling and yearling is closely inspected and the mares’ records and pedigrees researched and updated as well as her progeny’s sales and race records.

Once all the relevant information has been gathered we sit around a table for days on end considering, discussing and debating the best mate for each mare. Over the next few months our clients will receive an in depth report on their mares and her progeny  as well as the stallions that we recommend for her.

There are countless theories as to how to breed a champion, but breeding a racehorse is as much an art as a science and no one has cracked the winning formula. We do our homework, use some common sense, try to produce an athlete and then hope for the best!

It is a long treacherous road from conception to the racecourse, but sending our mare to the stallion that best suits her in every possible way hopefully gets us off to a good start…