DanehillDanehill The Aussies have an absolute aversion to the Sadlers Wells male line, amazingly for all its Northern Hemisphere success in the form of Champion Sires Montjeu, Galileo (in Europe) and El Prado (in the USA), not to mention the Emperor himself, who has garnered more titles (14) than any stallion in history (yes, including Hyperion). And we haven’t even mentioned Fort Wood yet!

But to speak of Danehill, and the Ozzie countenance lights up as though you speak of the Second Coming, and a bit more. Not surprising though, as a glance at their Sire’s log reveals, no less than 10 Danehills, including the old boy himself, are among the top 20 stallions in the land. Quite incredible that 50% of the top horses should come, in the first generation alone, from a single horse, and we should add that as far as our research can tell us, that’s the most significant invasion of a country’s stallion ranking supremacy in recorded history.

So the more staggering then, that South Africa has missed this prodigious boat (well almost) and might’ve done so completely were it not for this farm’s championing the cause. Thus far we’ve been responsible for the importation (or had a role at least) in every one of the four Graded Stakes sons he has in South Africa, and we’re a long, long way from having too much of a good thing.

So this week (last night in fact) we’ve concluded the acquisition of just one more, and he happens to be a Champion in his own right. For protocol reasons, we can say no more right now, no more than that, by any standards, he’s a very legitimate horse.

Keep yourself wired!

Posted by Mick Goss