OutcomeOutcome (Gold Circle)Don’t worry if you didn’t, plenty of others missed it, too. She closed so fast (under the welter burden of 61 kgs) that if you’d blinked, you’d not’ve seen one of the great 1600 metre finishes of all time.

Of all time? Yes, in class record time. From last to first. Remember, this same daughter of Muhtafal broke the track record for 1900 metres last time at Greyville, over a trip so often covered by the contestants for such grand events as the Astrapak 1900 (Gr.2), (won in the past by the legends, Left Wing, Mazarin, Wolf Whistle etc) and the Michaelmas Handicap, by horses often carrying much lesser imposts.

For the connoisseurs, and for what it’s worth, 61kgs equates to 134 lbs in the old language, and not too many will tote that sort of weight and still set records.

Steve SturleseSteve SturleseMike MillerMike MillerOutcome is a tribute to the perseverance of her breeder, Peter Brown, who kept his stock at Summerhill for close on two decades, to Steve Sturlese and his love of Muhtafal, and of course to Mike Miller, her trainer. As important as anything though, she’s another grand advert for the advantage of buying your stock on the basis of what you see, not what you think you see.

You see, she’s a R150 000 graduate of the 2005 Ready to Run Sale, and has now posted six victories for not far short of R300 000 in stakes. And she’s a long way from done.