Article courtesy of The Mercury 16 May 2007

vodacom durban julyPhoto courtesy John LewisThe Vodacom Durban July log is the Selection Committees’ view of what the field would be if the race was run as of today.

The log is dynamic and can change dramatically with the result of any one of the Vodacom Durban July “qualifying races” to be run in the future. An updated log will be published as soon as possible after each feature race affecting the Vodacom Durban July.

Included in the top 20 log are the next ten horses “on the outside looking in”. Any of these ten horses displaying a good performance in future races could move into the top 20 replacing any horse anywhere near the bottom of the log or any horse displaying future indifferent performances. For ease of reference these ten are merely expressed in alphabetical order.

It follows that any horse outside of these 30 which performs well in the future could also move significantly either into the ten outside of the log or even into the top 20 depending on the level of that performance.