annet becker and claireAnnet Becker (right) with seasonal assistant ClareThey look after your horses, are the voice on the end of a phone, the name at the end of a report, and a photo in an annual brochure.

But there’s a lot more to the Summerhill Horse Management Team.

Today we catch up with Summerhill’s Broodmare Manager  - Annet Becker.

Our South African born manager has a strong US accent courtesy of time spent overseas, a trait which (amusingly) has caused all number of clients to ask her if she is Australian ?!

This year Annet has run the team that managed 307 mares during the breeding season, brought 204 foals into the world,  attended innumerable veterinary checks of cycling/ovulating/in foal mares, and oversees the intricate timetable that constitutes the art (and indeed science) of broodmare management.

I decided to ask her a few non-foal related questions (!) to get her views of a range of other subjects:

What was your first job?

Working in a hair salon,washing peoples hair etc. I only lasted a week though

Have you always lived in South Africa?

I lived in the States for 3 and a half years

Most embarrassing career mistake/experience?

Not realizing my pants had ripped whilst riding yearlings at Juddmonte Farm in America

How long have you worked at Summerhill?

8months - but it’s high mileage!

What is your position?

Broodmare manager

What constitutes a good weekend?

No sick foals

Favorite restaurant?

Le Deauville in Lexington, Kentucky

Best thing about living in Mooi River?

Haha, you do have a sense of humour !

If you had to describe South Africa to someone who had never been here how would you do so? 

We have lions walking around in our back yard, wink,wink….

One thing a person visiting South Africa should definitely do?

Visit Summerhill Stud … seriously

If you weren’t in racing what would be your ideal job?

Owning a shop that sells books and flowers

Best horse you have ever seen race?

Intercontinental (Danehill x Hasili)

What’s the best thing about your job?

The people, the place, the horses

Your favorite stallion or mare at Summerhill?

Stallion: Solskjaer

Mare: Nobely Known

Your favourite stallion elsewhere in the world?

Empire Maker

What’s currently playing on your iPod/CD/Record player?

Live this life - Prime Circle