The battle for the top end of the world’s bloodstock market raged both inside and outside of the Tattersalls sales ring in Newmarket, England this week.

Sheikh MohammedSheikh Mohammed (time)Obviously interested in securing his dominance of the world bloodstock production, Sheikh Mohammed broke every known record as he went about an unprecedented splurge of the choicest lots in breeding. He has already spent in excess of $200,000,000 this year on some of the best male racehorses on earth, which will serve as future stallions in his worldwide operations, and the $74,000,000 he has spent on seventeen fillies and mares in the past fortnight is a further indication of his intent. The Ruler of Dubai’s investments have not met with unreserved approval,however, with Kirsten Rousing, vice-chairman of the English TBA, suggesting that Sheikh Mohammed should be investigated by The Office of Fair Trade, for what she considers his monopolistic or anti-competition strategy.

The heiress to the Scandinavian-based Tetrapak empire, Miss Rousing is an independent woman obviously entitled to her own opinion and while her views may well be shared by her colleagues around the world, it’s hardly what you’d call discreet for someone holding TBA office.

The Sheikh’s relative lack of success at the races in the past few years, given his massive investment in horses, has been the subject of various jibes in the popular press of late. Yet Sheikh Mohammed is on record as saying that England is a free country with a free press, and people are at liberty to say what they wish. He is happy with his team, and their performances.

For a man who has contributed so substantially to the welfare of the industry worldwide, he will not have taken kindly to Miss Rousing’s comments, even though there will be those who would consider his instance on purchasing almost everything of value at the top end of the market, as avarice.

People have short memories though and it’s probably worth remembering that the very health of the strongest market in history is a product of the buoyancy that Sheikh Mohammed has brought to it.

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