L’OrmarinsA chic and fashionable affair such as the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate, taking place at Kenilworth Racecourse on Saturday 29 December 2007, would be undressed without the pre-requisite sumptuous and stylish fare demanded of an occasion of this stature.

With the addition of an array of perfectly plump picnic boxes on offer to general race goers, to the already scrumptious offerings in the exclusive hospitality marquees, 2007 will be no exception to what is fast becoming the rule when associating the L’Ormarins label with prestigious events.

“Pique-niques” date back to early 17th century France and were used to describe a fashionable social entertainment at which each person ‘picked’ a contribution to the meal. This also usually involved an excursion to a spot in the country where all could partake of the repast in pleasant surroundings.

A more agreeable environment than that of Kenilworth Racecourse, bedecked in white with a touch of blue to signify the L’Ormarins racing colours (and the sponsor for the days festivities), will be hard to find.

In a recent survey of 2500 people, it was found that picnicking is a growing worldwide trend, especially for families looking to bond and enjoy a day out together. 50% of those surveyed, go to a nearby park or beach. 70% voted cold food such as sandwiches and salads as their most popular choice of food. There was a very fine line between the number of people who plan a picnic and those who decide on a whim with whatever is portable. Changing weather and forgetting essentials such as napkins were not really concerns, as being outdoors with family and friends were voted the most enjoyable things with a score of 23% each.

With this in mind, L’Ormarins is encouraging families, couples and groups of friends, to join them for a “pique-nique” at the races this year, pre-ordering is essential (see contact details below). Extreem Kwizeen, caterers par excellence, will be providing a choice of picnic boxes, either with or without an embroidered “LQP” blanket, but both will certainly include bottles of L’Ormarins wine to add that extra special touch.

The L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate not only provides the backdrop for elegant attire, delectable cuisine and superb racing, but also plays host to the Crank Handle Association whose vintage cars will be on display to remind us of the sartorial splendour of ages past. Additionally, proceeds from various fund raising initiatives throughout the day will support The Equine Trust and The Cart Horse Protection Society. Something for everyone so “pick” this as an occasion not to be missed.

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