A reminder of the Goss & Co Insurance rates:

  • Foals from 24hrs of age to 44 days old = 6.37% (competitor’s rate: 10.00%)
  • Foals from 45 days to 89 days = 5.10% (competitor’s rate 8.00%)
  • Foals over 90 days of age  = 4.25%  (competitor’s rate 5.50%)

Goss and Co requirements/advantages        

  • All foals insured from 24hrs  require VC & IGG levels tested  
  • All foals insured  from 45 days valued at less than R200,000 require DOH    
  • All foals insured from 45 days valued at more than R200,000 require VC    
  • Foals resident at Summerhill are exempt from 15% excess 
  • Discount can be offered regardless of number of foals insured

Goss & Company is South Africa’s longest serving Lloyd’s of London Agent. We ONLY insure horses and the company holds the distinction of never having had an unpaid claim in 31 years.

For further details contact Michelle Ashe 0n (033) 263 1081