Must be something about that ‘lucky cat’, the meaning behind his Arabic Name (‘The Chosen One’) or simply a reflection of just how good this stallion is.

‘The General’ has always commanded immense respect from those who have worked with him (he is the lone stallion allowed to be paraded on the right hand side lawn of the stallion barn for example … the others have to stand on the left).

This season Muhtafal has come out firing. 

Three weeks ago it was FIRST AGAIN winning the Gr 2 Ipi Tombe Challenge.

Last week it was Oaks winner VEILED ESSENCE running a nose second in the Gr 2 Premier’s Trophy.

 Yesterday it was THE WALTZ, a runaway winner in the Gr 3 Christmas Handicap.

His biggest fan, Summerhill’s front of house - Megan Romeyn - wants to move the switchboard into his paddock so she can watch him all day long. It would make for a decent blog post I have always thought. Megan would probably just say that horses have a way of working their way into your soul.